How to Transfer WordPress Website From LocalHost To Web Server

March 2, 2015 No Comments Uncategorized Dinesh Belkare
  1. Copy the files from localhost to web server using any file transfer tool(i.e. FileZilla).
  2. Remember the path to WordPress site,where you have copied files.(i.e. or . Don’t include forward trailing slash at the end of URL.
  3. Create Database on WebServer and import Database into it. Remember to list the database credentials(i.e. database name,database user,database password) as you need it for further steps.
  4. Open “wp-config.php” file on WebServer and put database database credentials in it.
  5. Open “wp_options” table from the database on WebServer.Look for “siteURL” and “home” entries in “option_name” column.Put your WordPress site URL as value for those entries.
  6. Now browse your WordPress site URL.You will see your website live.

That’s it,you have successfully transferred your WordPress Website From LocalHost To Web Server.

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