Most needed free magento extensions collection for an ecommerce web site

May 26, 2015 No Comments Uncategorized Dinesh Belkare
Below given Extensions are the Best among’s their similar extensions.These Extensions are totally free and well tested by me.To get these Extensions just click on the red colored names.In case You need any modification in their functionality don’t hesitate to contact me.Enjoy………….. 

Infinite ajax scroller =>This will automatically load remaining products when you scroll down to the bottom of page.So you don’t need to press “next” button to view more products.And will give your site more professional look.

cubix address label =>This Extension is used to get customer’s address labels out of orders received from admin panel.It make you free from additional overhead of manually copying address from admin panel,paste it in some document and then take a print out.This Extension will create address labels of all selected orders at once.

low stock report=>Gives you alert when any product goes out of stock.

custome menu =>Gives better look to menu bar than magento Default.

easy light box=>Gives better popup for Images on product view page when image is clicked.

guest customers list=>To get all Guest customer’s details in admin panel.As there is no default facility in magento admin to view all Guest customers this Extension helps you a lot to collect all guest customers database. 

search auto complete=>Quite impressive Extension.It is used for magento search box.Enhances your search result and give better look.It makes search very easy for your customers.

product ribbon=>This extension is used to assign special label to product image such as discount label,free shipping label,Free gift label.

One Page Checkout=>After searching for a month and trying all available one page checkout extensions i came to the conclusion that this is the best and full proof checkout extension for everyone.

Easy Template Path Hint=>In case if you need to modify the extension.This extension  will help you a lot.As you.This extension will tell you which part of page is generated by which template,where that template is located and which controller class is used for it.For more detailed description please visit page by clicking on red colored title. 

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