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Very Important things need to take into consideration while doing Search engine optimization.

How does google calculate page rank?

!Important note:Page rank is calculated for individual web pages and not for website.By that mean your website’s home page and about-us page may have different PR(Page Rank).


  1. “A” is web page,we are calculating PR(Page Rank) for it.
  2. B,C,D are web pages,they contains link to “A”.
  3. “B” contains 3 more links to other websites.similarly “C” and “D” also contains 4 and 5 other links respectively.
  4. Page rank for “B”=>4,”C”=>3 and “D”=>5

“Page Rank” is calculated in terms of “popularity of web page”.

How “popularity of web page” is calculated?
“popularity of page A” is directly based on how many web pages(i.e B,C,D) contain link to “A” and what are their(i.e B,C,D) page ranks.

Now we are going to calculate page rank for “A”
How “B” contributes for A(PR)

  • [B(PR)/B(total links count)] * CONSTANT1(depends upon the google) By using this formula we get B’s contribution for A(PR).
  • Putting values into formula [4/4]*0.123(assumed,it may change).
  • Similarly we have to calculate for C and D contributions.
  • Add all these contributions and again multiply by some CONSTANT2.
  • A(PR) = ({[B(PR)/B(total links count)] * CONSTANT1} + {[C(PR)/C(total links count)] * CONSTANT1} + {[D(PR)/D(total links count)] * CONSTANT1}) * CONSTANT2
  • A(PR) = ({[4/4]*0.123}+{[3/5]*0.123}+{[5/6]*0.123}) * 0.456(assumed,it may change)

By looking at above formula it is clear that if more other website links are added to B,C and D,A(PR) will come down.
That means A(PR) is inversely proportional to BCD link count and directly proportional to number of pages linked to A.


  1. In order to improve PR,We have to submit our page link to other high PR web sites.
  2. It is more like maintenance work.That means if we stop doing this,PR will come down sooner or later.
  3. PR changes very frequently(i.e.weekly or monthly).Statics mentioned in tools or websites is not real time.These tools or websites update their database twice a year.
  4. PR is shown in numbers from 0 to 10.The result obtained in above calculations is rounded up to make it in range of 0-10.
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