Tricks to Promote Facebook Post

February 19, 2015 No Comments Uncategorized Dinesh Belkare

Do you know,why your facebook post is getting less likes and comments

Don’t panic,now you can be highest comment and like scorer of facebook post.

Facebook is frequently changing it’s algorithm of faceook post visibility.
The purpose of doing this is,they want you to go for their premium option to promote your post.

Basic strategy of this algorithm is:

Your post is shown to only those who is often commenting or liking your post.
Some times you post some uninteresting things.
So as a result many of your friends ignore these posts,which decreases value of your future posts
And only few of your friends can view your future posts.
Thus it goes decreasing.

But there is way to recover from this.

We need to make our future posts important.
So we are going to use some simple but highly effective tricks.
Post some kind of interesting and simple puzzle and ask for answers.
In turn,almost everyone will try to be smart and comment answer to your post.
As comments increases,your post will be shown to more people and your post will go earning more comments.
This in turn will increase visibility of your current post as well as future posts.

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