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  • Create and download excel file or report in php
    August 14, 2015 No Comments First of all download excel-report.zip and extract it. You will find index.php in root and one more folder. Open index.php and take a look at the code. Code itself is self descriptive and well commented. You can add column heading and records. You can also add color in particular cell or entire row. If you

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  • Integrate WhatsApp share in web application
    July 9, 2015 No Comments First of all download whatsapp-share.zip and extract it. You will find index.html in root and three more folders. Open index.html. Look for the anchor tag.There are two custom attributes "data-text" and "data-link". Value of "data-link" is the link which you want to share on WhatsApp. Value of "data-text" is short description about the link. Host

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  • PHP code to get photos from facebook album
    July 9, 2015 No Comments Well,It is very easy.You need to follow few steps as given below. Create a facebook application by visiting developers.facebook.com. You will get “App ID” and “App Secret” keys. Now download facebook-album-photo.zip and extract it. Open index.php file and put credentials obtained in step1. Now visit your index.php and login using login link. You will see

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